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  • The past few months have been some of the busiest and most exciting that Fort Bend Hope has ever known, and this is a very good thing!

  • Some days give you an opportunity to look around and appreciate how much the dedication of everyone involved with Fort Bend Hope comes together to make a true lighthouse for the community.

  • This fall marks a new beginning that we have looked forward to at Fort Bend Hope for a while. For the first time, we are offering a GED. Also, for the first time, we are having adult education in the morning.

  • Summer Slam was an amazing experience, but we are excited to get back into the groove of another school year. It’s going to be a fun year at our after-school program as we introduce seven new extracurricular clubs!

  • Music week was musical, loud, crazy and fun. It’s also a week where we introduced our Music club with Justin Barber leading it. The kids got to see how the Fall is going to look with learning to play a keyboard.

  • We just finished the second to last week of camp, and we are still going strong with Art week. Eugenia Garcia from the Fort Bend Art Center came to teach about art and led the kids through an activity with bubble art.

  • Hola! Bonjour! Salve! These are just some of the ways we learned to say hello during Language week. We all had so much fun learning about the history culture in Rome, Spain, and France.

  • Summer SLAM kicked off on Monday of this week at 8:00 am. The first kids and volunteers gathered for breakfast and then the week got going with a character lesson.


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