The School Year’s Over

Wow! The school year has ended, and what a year it was. It was certainly a year that no one at Fort Bend Hope will ever forget. We created a virtual learning center. It was for children whose parents were not comfortable having their children learning in the classroom because of the pandemic, but they also did not feel equipped to have their children learning at home. There were many reasons for this including lack of English spoken in the home, unstable Internet connection at home, or simply no one at home during the day. Regardless of the reason, we created a virtual learning center for children to come do their work. We made sure they logged into their Zoom classes. We uploaded their work, and we provided hours of tutoring. It was our goal to have a safe and productive learning environment. We believe we did that as no one, child or adult, got COVID, and everyone who attended here passed the school year. As far as numbers go. We had 19 different students at different times throughout the year with 12 being the most we had at one time. We had great partnerships for breakfast and lunch with Bob’s Tacos and Lunches of Love. At the same time, the adult education shifted online, and our students and tutors made it a smashing success. Like many people experienced, it was a tough year, but it was a year that we saw people come together to make a community thrive. We were proud to be part of that effort.

May 11, 2021

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