volunteer testimonies

We love sharing the stories of Fort Bend Hope. Below you will find a few volunteer testimonies.

thomas mcphail ubaldo

What is your previous experience with volunteering? How did you become interested in volunteering?

I started an immigration clinic in Indiana so I’ve been helping people become citizens for a little while now. I started volunteering because it was a need in my immediate community at the time and I felt led to do it because I studied the Bible and majored in Biblical studies. The Bible clearly says that we should love our neighbors and that we should treat them as our own and to not abuse them.

How did you decide to volunteer in your current position at Fort Bend Hope?

I had been volunteering since the beginning of the building opening. I was helping with ESL classes and I knew that a citizenship class was a possibility soon. Several ESL students expressed interest in starting a citizenship class, so we started.

What have you learned through volunteering so far?

I am impressed by the people I work with the more I hear about their life stories, the more I see how hard they work to better themselves. Students come to class even after a full day of work and they give their best efforts. I am reminded of how people have different levels of access to education and I see a need to have programs in people’s first language so that they can further their education in their first language.

Why do you volunteer?

We asked our volunteers why they offer their time and here is what they shared: