student testimonies

We love sharing the stories of Fort Bend Hope. Below you will find a few stories of our students and families.

clara and eve

What has your experience at Fort Bend Hope been like for you and your family?

Eve: The classes are great and I learn something new every time. One thing I like is that every student gets individual attention. When someone doesn’t understand something, the instructors explain things in a detailed manner and I like that.

Clara: The classes have been very useful to me. I’ve learned a lot and they have helped me. I used to be cooped up in my house but now I come to classes three days a week and my family comes to ESL too. My son, Santos, is a volunteer and my son, Carlos, comes to be with the other children during ESL class. During the classes the instructors explain things well and give plenty of examples. I like coming to the classes.

What changes have you seen in the life of your family?

Clara: Santos and Carlos come to Fort Bend Hope too and they are happy. The ESL classes have helped my husband too. I am very grateful that all the instructors have a lot of patience.

Eve: I feel comfortable here and there is fellowship and humility between the students, volunteers and the director. I am glad that everyone supports us.   

Iris and kenny

What has been your experience with Fort Bend Hope?
Iris: My experience has been a great one, even a marvelous one. My son, Kenny, has been in after school mentoring for two months and I have seen lots of positive changes in him.
What changes have you seen in your family’s life?
Iris: I’ve seen a lot, Kenny’s attitude is more positive in school. He is more interested in reading and is more open to talking to the teacher and with those around him. After school mentoring has helped him academically and socially.

sylvia, victor & victoria

What have your children learned this year?

Throughout the year, my children suffered academically. My daughter struggled to read, and my son struggled with math. After I brought them to Fort Bend Hope, I saw so much improvement in my children. This development has brought tears to my eyes.

What has been your family's experience at Fort Bend Hope?

Each event that happens at FBH is always better than the last! My children love it there! Though there were a few mishaps, I know my children are in very good hands.