Seek the welfare of your city

We are called to take responsibility for our streets, and for our communities. Below is a list of our upcoming programs hosted at our building (927 3rd St., Rosenberg, TX). If you would like more info about where you could plug in as a leader, volunteer, or participant, please click here.

  • A four-week summer camp to enhance reading skills and perform a variety of fun activities! We will follow S.L.A.M ( Science, Language, Art and Music)  Dates: 06/14-06/18, 06/28-07/02, 07/12-07/16, 07/26-07/30

    Register here!

  • Virtual english as a second language (esl) for adults

    We offer a year-round English development program. Students cover the fundamentals of the English language and practice reading and writing. Classes take place virtually from Monday to Thursday from 6:30-8:00PM. To serve as a tutor click here. To register click here.

  • Learning Center

    Students from 2nd-6th grade are invited to our Learning center. This runs Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm. This program is for students who are studying virtually. To Register.

  • citizenship course

    Our partnership with the Fort Bend Literacy Council allows us to host a citizenship course for  Students to prepare for the Citizenship test with this course. To Register.


    Fort Bend Hope hosts a GED class to study and prepare for the GED Test. Registration is required before entering class. To Register.

  • ESL conversation circle

    Join this informal group to practice your English skills! This group meets remotely via ZOOM every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30pm. To Register.

  • spanish class

    Join this ten week course to learn the basics of the Spanish language. Classes will return remotely via ZOOM. Dates TBA. To Register.

School Partnership

We are in our fifth year of a partnership with Jackson Elementary School in Rosenberg. Currently, we work with the administrators and teachers. To join us in this partnership, or to learn about ways you can strengthen a school in your neighborhood, please click here!