Seek the welfare of your city

We are called to take responsibility for our streets, and for our communities. Below is a list of our upcoming programs hosted at our building (927 3rd St., Rosenberg, TX). If you would like more info about where you could plug in as a leader, volunteer, or participant, please click here!

  • english as a second language (esl), coming October 2017

    This October we will begin our first class of a year-round English development program. Students will cover fundamentals of the English language, practice reading and writing, and join conversation groups. To serve as a Course Leader or Volunteer, o para inscribirse como estudiante, click here.

    La registración para las clases de ingles será el 5 de octubre a las 6 de la tarde en nuestro edificio. ¡Venga a conocer el lugar y para registrarse! 

  • after school mentoring program, coming fall 2017

    Students from 6th - 12th grade are invited to our After School mentoring program.

    Join us after school to work on homework, study for tests, and prep for SAT, ACT, etc. Mentors will work with students on college applications and career planning.

    For more information, or to join us as a student or volunteer, click here.

  • discovering one's gifts and purpose, coming spring 2018

    Teens and adults are welcome to join this six week class which will cover personality, temperaments, working with others, spiritual gifts and being a light in the marketplace and community.

    For more information click here.

School Partnership

We are in our fourth year of a partnership with Jackson Elementary School in North Rosenberg. Currently, we work with the administrators and teachers. To join us in this partnership, or to learn about ways you can strengthen a school in your neighborhood, please click here!